Laura Hughes is not great at Wordle.


A 5/6 is not worth bragging about. Expecting praise for mediocrity is part of “participation trophy” culture.

She’s not even playing on Hard Mode.
Set a better example for the children, Laura.

To learn more about Laura’s unconventional campaign strategies, click here!

  • UPDATE: Hughes Improving at Wordle. Cheating Scandal?

    Is Laura getting better at the game, or is she gaming the system? If so, who is feeding her clues? And what does she provide them in return?

    Read more about how Laura Hughes violated election law and was fined in 2020.

    Read more: UPDATE: Hughes Improving at Wordle. Cheating Scandal?
  • BREAKING: Hughes doesn’t know the difference between Lettuce, Cabbage, and Dogs.

    According to this post, she thinks they are interchangeable. Dagney was unavailable for comment.

  • Hughes Receives Political Agenda at Conservative Summit

    On Saturday, February 26, 2022, Laura Hughes attended (and was a panelist for) the NWEF School Board Summit, hosted by a number of conservative organizations, including The Family Foundation, Building Education for Students Together (BEST), Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, Moms for Liberty, and FRC Action. According to the website, “The School Board Summit was created as a resource and networking opportunity for school board members who want to equip themselves to make well-informed decisions in the best interest of the students and schools they represent.”

    We look forward to Hughes presenting a summary of the event, and sharing what she learned with her constituents. Will they take issue with her partisan politics? You can read more about the Summit and the right-wing sponsors and panelists here.

  • Update: Hughes not terrible at Wordle; still has terrible opinions

    In an effort to paint a balanced picture of Laura Hughes, we discovered this impressive Wordle score. Good job.


    Also on her Facebook page you can see this post, which labels teachers as “villains” who “do nothing but sow division.” Just a reminder: Hughes is on the School Board. It should be noted that teachers teach in schools.